The Sea is my Brother: Kerouac’s lost novel

When I was younger everyone was reading “On the road” by Jack Kerouac, so I too bought a copy of the book and followed the trend. Despite the highest of praise received by the novel it didn’t really light my fire and I felt disappointed. Now I’m an older, better read version of myself I thought there would be no harm in giving Kerouac a chance, especially when the novel is entitled “The Sea is my Brother” and I’m somewhat overly fond of the sea.

This novel definitely left a more pleasing taste in my mouth, and in aspects allowed me to explore world I’d never previously imagined. I enjoyed it and wished it went on for longer, that there was more development at sea. Who couldn’t relate to Everhart, the protagonist who suddenly feels that his life as a teacher amounts to nothing?!

“…if this were 1760 I’d be on my way West with the trappers, explorers, and the huntsmen! I’m not rugged, the Lord knows, but I want a life with purpose, with a driving force and a mighty one at that.”

Who do you know that wakes in the morning with a sense of having a mighty purpose and driving force in their life? I’m not sure I know anyone. I have friends that appear to enjoy their work, but even they will have their days on which they complain and none of them go into their place of work with a driving force. Do such people still exist? If so I would like to meet them, I would like to be around them. As Everhart forces himself out of his comfortable life of teaching into life at sea as a Merchant Marine in search of greater purpose and meaning in his life, I wondered what bold steps I could make or take to ensure I don’t just waste away the best years of my life sitting in an office shuffling paper. I’m not sure I’ve found the answer yet, but I’ll keep mulling that one over in the hope I’ll one day wake up to a task or mission which gives me the driving force and sense of purpose that many of us long for.

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